Schedule of Fees

Fee Schedule effective as of January 1, 2020.

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Account History Printout (up to 6 months) Falcon Fraud Protection
Bill Pay IRA Annual Fee
Coin Counter Loan Overdraft from VISA/Line of Credit
Consumer Loan Application Mobile Deposit
CO-OP ATM Withdrawals Notary Service (for CU business)
Copies of Paid Checks (up to 6 months) Quick Teller
Counter Checks Returned Mail
eServices Statement Copies (up to 6 months)
Initial Card(s) Cost No Charge
Card Replacement $ 5
Card order rush request $ 60
Out of network transactions (third party fees may apply)
Non-CO-OP ATM withdrawals $ 2
International Service Assessment Fee 1% of amount
Business Checking $ 20 per month  

Loyalty Checking Account 1
No monthly service charge or minimum balance required with Direct Deposit.

No Charge
Opportunity Checking $ 10 per month            

Regular Checking Account
Monthly fee waived with one of the following: $500 or more daily balance or
Under 18 and over 62 years of age.

$ 5 per month
Paper Statements $ 2 per month
Car Fax $ 20              
DMV processing $ 30
Internal loan refinance $ 50
Overnight payoff check processing $ 30
Payoff Demand (Real Estate) $ 30
Reconveyance and Recording (Real Estate) $ 250
Overdraft Privilege $ 33             

Overdraft Protection transfer from savings
Reg D: no more than six transfers per month.

$ 3
Holiday Saver Early Withdrawal Penalty $30.00
Scholar Saver Early Withdrawal Penalty $30.00
Summer Saver  Early Withdrawal Penalty $30.00
Cashier's/Official Check                                                                         $ 8
Coin Counter (Business accounts only) 10% of amount
EFT and ACH non-sufficient funds $ 35
Foreign item processing $ 30
Levies processing $ 50
Non-member checking cashing (on-us/Official) $ 10
Non-member official check exchange $ 20
Non-sufficient funds (NSF) check $ 35
Notary service (For transacting non-CU business) $ 15 per signature
Reg D excess transaction(Phone transfers) $ 5
Research of account
Minimum charge of $25
$ 50 per hour
Returned deposit/loan payment check $ 20 per check
Stop payment $ 25 per item
Uncollected funds $ 35
Wire Transfers
Domestic $ 30
International $ 60
Signature Loan                                  $ 20
Visa $ 10
Mortgage 6% of regular payment
All other Loans 5% of regular payment or $25, whichever is greater.


1 Monthly service fee will be waived if there is a recurring direct deposit into the account as stated on the Fee Disclosure.  If there is no direct deposit in the account for (60) days or more, the Loyalty Checking Account will convert to a Regular Checking Account. 

2 In compliance with Federal Banking Regulation D, you may make up to six transfers or withdrawals by means of a preauthorized, automatic, electronic or telephonic transfer to another account of yours or to a third party or by check, debit card or similar order to a third party during any calendar month. If you exceed the transfer limitations set forth above, your request may not be allowed and your account may be subject to a fee.

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Current Rates

Current rates
New Auto 3.74% APR*
Used Auto 3.99% APR*
First Time Auto Buyer 8.24% APR*
Signature Loan 9.99% APR*
30-Year Fixed 6.39% APR*