Apply for a loan

Designed as a better alternative to payday loans, the Fast Cash loan doesn’t require a minimum credit score, however, once regular payments are made, your credit score can improve. This is also a great way to start to build credit.

Your best payday loan alternative
  • Borrow up to $750 
  • 18% rate
  • Repayment is automatically deducted from checking account
  • Up to 60 days for loan repayment
  • Same day funding
  • Reported to credit bureaus for credit building

Requirements for Application:

   •   $35 application fee - paid at time of application
   •   FICU member in good standing
   •   Member must have direct deposit and have at least two direct deposits to their account (loan amount based on member's direct deposit amount)
   •   No outstanding Short Term Loans or delinquencies
   •   Completed loan application
   •   Funds deposited directly to FICU account


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