Government Shutdown Assistance

FICU is ready to help our members 

We have options for financial assistance for federal employees who have had their pay impacted by the government shutdown. 

Members with Direct Deposit
Members without Direct Deposit


If you have your direct deposit set up with First Imperial Credit Union you are eligible to:
  • Get a Loan Payment Deferment for up to 2 months1
  • Apply for the Member Assistance Loan2
How to Apply for Member Assistance Loan

1.  Submit loan application at any branch or click here to apply online.

  • Loan amounts are calculated based on the amount of the last two check stubs received. Loans have a 0% APR* and are available up to 100% of last monthly net income, with a maximum loan amount of $3,000
  • There are no interest charges associated with this loan
  • FICU may obtain a credit report to evaluate your eligibility for qualification of the loan
  • Proof of Furlough (i.e. email, employer letter)
  • Verification of income is required (provide last two check stubs)

2.  Receiving Loan

  • Direct Deposit: Funds will be deposited into your FICU checking or savings account when your loan is funded

3.  Loan Repayment

  • No payments will be due until 60 days of loan origination date
  • For reference, per $1,000 borrowed at 0% Annual Percentage Rate for a 12-month term, the monthly payment is $83.33

How to sign up for Loan Payment Deferment

1.  You will need to the following items:

2.  Submit items listed above via email to or in-person at any FICU branch

3.  Notification of Loan Payment Deferment confirmation will be sent out within 24 hours. 

If you are an FICU member, but do not receive direct deposit you are eligible for Loan Payment Deferment.




We’re here to help our members and community during periods of financial difficulty. If your pay has been disrupted, but you are not an FICU member, we recommend you visit a branch to discuss your situation with one of our Member Service Officers or contact us at 760-352-1540, option 0 to discuss the options that best fit your needs.

1 Participants should be aware that participating in this program may extend the length of your loan. Interest, Credit Disability, Loan Life Insurance/Debt Protection premiums (if applicable) will continue to accumulate on your loan(s) during the month(s) you defer your payment. Participating in this program may reduce the claim amount of GAP Insurance coverage. In order to qualify for the Loan Deferment program, you must provide proof of furlough imposed by government shutdown, all of your FICU accounts (including joint accounts) must be in good standing, you cannot have been delinquent on payments or caused the credit union a loss during the life of the loan(s), and the first contractual payment on your loan(s) must have been made prior to the skipped month. Program excludes first mortgage and home equity lines of credit (HELOC). Loan Deferment assistance expires January 31, 2019 or when government shut down ends.
2Loan amount is determined by last monthly net income, up to $3,000. No payment due for 60 days from loan origination date. Verification of income and proof of furlough is required. Monthly payment per $1,000 borrowed for 12 months at 0% APR is $83.33.  Loan offer expires January 31, 2019 or when government shutdown ends. *Annual Percentage Rate effective 1/11/2019. 

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