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Member Survey Results (August/September 2017)

The data collected summarizes the results of the Member Satisfaction Survey which was conducted August 21 – September 1, 2017.  During this two week period, our goal was to allow our members to convey their thoughts and opinions regarding the credit union's practices and overall impression of our branches and its employees. To keep a control from previous surveys, we included the same three questions concerning: recommendation, service and products and services offered.  To expand on the information that we collect, we added "During your last visit, were you informed of any additional services that we offer?" in order address the need or improvement of cross-training in our team.

The methodology for collecting responses was to place survey boxes in waiting areas and/or reception at each of our five locations.  However, we did instruct branch managers to not place the surveys at our teller lines in order to avoid extended wait times and direct influence which can skew survey results.  An invitation to participate in the survey was also sent by e-mail using Survey Monkey to 7,975 emails that we have on file on August 22, 2017. Two follow-up emails were sent out on August 23 and August 28, 2017.  A total of 1,474 responses were collected. E-mail responses accounted for 1,447 (98%) and 27 (2%) responses were provided at our branch locations.

The following questions were asked:

  1. I would recommend FICU to a friend or family member.

  2. I receive great service at the FICU Branch I frequent.
    a.  Select the location

  3. The products and services offered by FICU meet my needs.

  4. During your last visit, were you informed of any additional services that we offer?

  5. How can we improve the service at FICU?

  6. Please list your name, phone # and/or email if you would like to be contacted regarding your experience with FICU.

The questions regarding feedback garnered 120 responses which indicated they would like to be contacted and/or share their opinions of FICU and 320 responses of how we can improve services at FICU. 


The table below illustrates the strongly agree and agree combined responses:

  Survey 1 Survey 2 Survey 3 Survey 4
# of Respondents 269 145 168 1,474
Question 1: 97% 90% 93% 86%
# of Respondents 269 145 168 1,037
Question 2: 97% 92% 89% 90%
# of Respondents 269 145 168 1,032
Question 3: 92% 88% 89% 86%

The most evident change that can be noted is the increase in survey responses.  This increase can be attributed to the updated contact list input in Survey Monkey.  The previous contact list was reaching out to approximately 1,000 members while the updated list included nearly 8,000. 

We can see that there was a 7% drop in member recommendation to a family member or friend; 1% increase in great service received and 3% drop in products or services meeting the needs of our members. 

Weeks prior to the August 2017 survey, we had announced that we would be increasing fees which may have had some influence on the responses obtained by our members. As the increase has already been implemented we will track member satisfaction ratings next quarter in comparison to August 2017 to have a better grasp as to how our policy changes affect the membership. 

The number of members answering the subsequent questions in the survey decreased which can be remedied if we require all answers to be selected on the online version of the survey.  By the third question, responses had dropped by 442.

Thank you to all members who participated.  The next survey is scheduled for Fall 2019.  If you have any feedback you'd wish to provide to us you may do so by:

Mail P.O. Box 3247, El Centro, CA 92244
Phone 760-352-1540, option 0

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