Go Direct with your Payroll

Enjoy all the benefits of direct deposit with FICU including getting your paycheck a day early*.


Go Direct with your Benefits Compensation

Direct deposit is the best way to receive your Social Security, SSI, VA Compensation and Pension. Direct Deposit allows immediate access to funds, eliminates the risk of stolen checks and reduces your exposure to fraud. Click here to access the online Social Security site to switch today!


Need Help Setting Up Your Direct Deposit?

Visit our direct deposit page here or watch our video tutorial.



*Early deposit of funds is not guaranteed and is dependent on the processing times of your employer and/or government agency. 

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Current Rates

Current rates
New Auto 4.49% APR*
Used Auto 4.74% APR*
First Time Auto Buyer 8.24% APR*
Signature Loan 9.99% APR*
30-Year Fixed 6.53% APR*